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My Promise to You

Like me, most start their business very part-­time around their current commitments, whether that be a full-­time job, or caring for loved ones
I will help you regain control of your life!

For the single mom who feels her life is out of control. She’s tired of having too much month at the end of the paycheck and wondering where the next meal will come from. She’s lost her sense of self and She loves her children so much, she makes sure they have everything they need while she goes without. She puts on her poker face, she often cries herself to sleep, and she's lost her self worth. She feels lost and alone and stays in bad relationships because she needs financial stability, even though she knows it’s not the best example for the kids. She feels as though she will never break free from the nightmare that she is living and fears every knock on the door and avoids the mailbox because she knows there’s no money to pay the bills. She’s stopped caring for herself and struggles to get out of bed, but she does it for her children. She KNOWS that there is something better for her out there. She knows that she’s destined for Greatness and she’s determined to turn things around. I promise to help you turn your life around and start living the life you were meant to live. By offering my personal one-on-one mentorship and plugging you into a group of amazing women who are Unsinkable. I will help you regain your self confidence and feel better than ever through, nutrition, fitness and a sense of purpose. Backed by my own personal transformation, I know the struggles of being a single mom. I know the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to give up and give in. I know the heartache of being away from your kids because you have to work to keep the lights on. And settling for less than deserved in all aspects of life due to financial struggle. I have been there and I will share with you how I turned my life around. How I am now confident, in great shape, and doing what I love every day and being there for my kids, and paying it forward to help other women live life to their fullest. To address the needs of the Single Mom so that she knows she isn’t alone. She doesn’t have to live an ordinary life but an extraordinary life.

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