My journey started in 2003, I knew that there was something more to life than getting up to go to an unfulfilling job just to come home and be too exhausted to enjoy my children or work out.

I had done what I was suppose to do, I went to school and got my degree in education and got my first teaching job.  I then moved to Illinois after the birth of my first daughter and not wanting to leave her alone in a daycare, I went to work as a Center Director to not only be there for her but to stay within my field of study.  I was miserable and I hated it.  A parent in my center felt that I would be good working in the mortgage industry so I made the leap into  that world.  

Soon after the bottom dropped out of my life, I went through divorce and lost everything.  With two an infant, a toddler and a vengeful ex-husband, the house fell into foreclosure, my car was repossessed and the bill collectors were relentlessly calling.   Through the divorce we were forced to have to file bankruptcy but this did not clear all our debt and I was still saddled with $100K in Student Loans that I hadMoi2_n no way of paying off.

I did the only thing that I could do, I picked up the pieces and soldiered on.  During this tumultuous time I transitioned over to Real Estate and found that although I was self employed I still held a job and this time it was 7 days a week.   I met with clients during working hours so I could be home with my kids when they were done with school and every other weekend when they were with their dad.  

After five years of barely making ends meet and working a part time job to support my family between Real Estate closings, tragedy struck again.  On my way home one night from visiting with friends I was struck in the middle of an intersection by a drunk driver.  Between my car being totalled and my injuries I was unable to work. I lost my part time job and because it was during the market crash I also lost my real estate clientele.  

I had no choice but to get a job.  I fell into recruiting and fell in love with the dynamic nature of learning about new industries, how the corporate world functioned and speaking to a wide variety of people on a daily basis.  But the wear and tear of eight to five with a two hour commute took it’s toll, I gained 20 pounds due to the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.  My health had taken a dive and I was sick constantly as well as being tired and depressed all the time.

On top of it, the place that I had called home, and had rented for 8 years fell into foreclosure.  Because of my knowledge I had gained from being in the Mortgage and Real Estate industries, I was able to stay in the home for two more years.  This enormous amount of stress added to my weight gain and bad eating habits.  It was not only stressful for me but for my children as well.  Wondering day to day where we were going to live because the rental market was in full force and the cost of rent had skyrocketed.

Luckily, at the 11th hour, I was able to find a subdivision in the same school district that had reduced rent and we were able to move out before being evicted by the bank.

April of 2015 I had gone to a networking event with a friend where I heard a speaker talk about her amazing transformation from being overweight and depressed to dropping weight, feeling energized and best yet, she quit her corporate job and now works from home.  I was hooked.  I signed up and never looked back.  

It has been an incredible journey, not only was I forced to face my fears but to make hard decisions on certain things in my life that I didn’t feel good about.  I am currently surrounded by the most positive, uplifting, and supportive people that I have ever met.  On this journey I quickly lost 8” overall and finally was able to get back into a few pairs of jeans.  Although my journey is just beginning, I look forward to the future and instead of fearing what is ahead, I embrace it.

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested in joining my team!

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