How to Become a Savvy Job Searcher in a Saturated Market


So!  You decided to look for a job!  Congratulations on making the decision to make a life change!

You may be looking because you’re stuck in a rut with no opportunities for growth in your current company, or you’re just ready for the next challenge or maybe you’re looking to get your first job.  

Whatever the reason you’re ready!

You sit down, you roll up your sleeves, turn on your computer and head on over to your favorite search engine and type your search into the search bar.  


You see many available opportunities.  You’re feeling encouraged.  You start applying to jobs over the course of the next few days, you  excited wait for your phone to ring.  But there’s no responses.  


You extend your efforts to a week.  You sit by the phone anxiously waiting.  But your phone remains silent.  You check your emails to see if you’ve maybe missed something.  Nothing.


You do, however, get that call from your mom asking how the job search is going.  You cringe at the question, but smile and say, “it’s going great!  I have applied to like, 50 jobs!”  “That’s wonderful!” She replies,  “you’ll be making that change in no time!”  

The weeks linger on.  You realize as you continue to apply that maybe you’ve applied to a particular job posting before.  Or maybe you didn’t…hmmmm “well”, you think, “it doesn’t hurt to apply again”.  So you hit the apply button, fill out the form.  Hey, this way if you didn’t apply, you’re covered and if you did apply, then it just shows the employer that you’re just Really interested in their opening.  Win.  Win.

Still the phone doesn’t ring.  It’s been about a month now.  You’re feeling disillusioned and losing hope about your career ever moving forward.  

The Cold Hard Truth About Applying to Jobs Online

Using the online job board application process is career suicide.  Most people don’t realize it, but approximately 3% of applicants who apply to jobs through job boards get a call back.  ONLY 3%.!!!  Which is why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook.  It’s not your abilities to do the job.  The system is broken.

This is astonishing considering that when you go to an online job board there is a plethora of open positions.  It’s a numbers game, right?  Wrong.  200 applicants could come in from that one position.   The ATS is setup to filter the resumes, and then an HR employee will sort through the remaining resumes and those folks will narrow it down to 3-4 candidates.  It’s no wonder you’re struggling.

The days of randomly throwing your resume into the online job portal and getting that “dream job” are over. 

You have to be a savvy job searcher and branch out.


This WILL be work and will take some time and strategy to implement.  You didn’t get that “A” in Biology by just sitting back and doing minimal work.  You studied, you went to lab and you participated.

The first thing that you need to do is identify 10-20 companies that you admire and would be interested in working for.  They need to be companies that you feel comfortable with their services and products.  You will interview better if you feel connected to their cause as well.

You’re going to become a savvy social media researcher, so if you don’t like social media because of some of the stigma attached to it, you may struggle a bit with this part.  To assist with your successful search you’re going “Stalk” the companies Linked In pages, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat.  You will need to be a “Google ninja” and review their websites  and find news articles about them to learn about what is going on with the company, the good the bad and the ugly.  

There are a few reasons that you will want to do this:

  • Location.  Location.  Location.  I think this speaks for itself.
  • Is the company growing or laying off?  Are they going through a leadership change?
  • You want to discover if the company is a “cultural fit for you”, do you share the same mission and values?  Employee mix will play into this and your personal style.  Are you more professional and polished or more laid back and easy going?  How does the company mesh as a team?
  • Will you mesh with the company’s leadership and their leadership style?
  • The size of the company may be important to you.  Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond with room to grow?
  • What “Wow’s” you about the company?  What is the draw for you?

You will want to learn as much as possible about the company because it will lend you a lot of insight into whether or not this will be a company you will thrive in.  

It will assist you in “tweaking” your resume and building your cover letter.

It will also help you through the interview process, which will be discussed in a later article.  

Knowing about the company that you are applying to will assist you in becoming a savvy job seeker, show the prospective company that you know a few things and will be instrumental to you knocking the employers socks off in an interview.

Do this first.  Planning will help you make good decisions based on what you are looking for and what the company needs.

If you are like many people that I know and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of trading your time for money.  If you are tired of feeling guilty because you spend more time at the office than you do with your family.  And if you are ready to take control of your life and your career, then we need to chat.  Feel free to inbox me!  I would love to speak with you on how you can say goodbye to the golden handcuffs and hello to life.

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