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Spring is in the air and my Linked In inbox has been exploding with job seekers looking for new opportunities. I apologize that I am unable to respond to all of you individually but please know, I am getting your messages and I read every one of them!

Because of this sudden surge of emails from you, I have decided the best way that I can help is through writing a string of How To’s, which is why I am writing my very first LinkedIn article!

Not only do I get many messages but a lot of phone calls from job seekers asking me to help them find a new position. Our particular office does not work this way. The only way I can help you make the desired change in your career is by teaching you how to fish versus giving you the fish.

You may not realize this but it’s a candidate driven market, and what that means is that you, the candidate aka job seeker is in demand! You have to treat your job hunt like you would a search for a new car. You want to find the perfect fit and not get stuck in a lemon.

Many times I get calls and emails from job seekers looking for me to place them in a position and that is their only strategy for finding a position. When asked, “what is your job search strategy?” The reply I often hear is, “well, I’ve been working on my resume and I’m going to give it to a couple of recruiters so they can give it to the companies they work with.” Although this may sound like a good plan, this is actually one of the worst ways to conduct a job search in today’s market. Gone are the days where you can throw your resume at a job board or a recruiter to land your next gig. You may get lucky and actually reach a recruiter that has a deep database of companies that may have a need for your particular talent but it’s the exception and not the norm.

Many things need to happen in your job search.

But first! We need to get through some semantics. Starting with…

Third Party Recruiters

Ok. I feel I need to elaborate a bit more on the role of a third party recruiter like myself.

I have a book of clients (the employer/company) that come to me when they have a recruiting need. I utilize my internal resources and the candidate market place to find candidates that fit the required specifications the client (employer/company) has given me. These are truly specific criteria. Companies pay firms like mine a premium to meet candidates that are a unique fit to their company and opportunity.

We search for both passive candidates and active candidates. The difference is a passive candidate is not necessarily looking for a new position but could be tempted to make a move for a better opportunity that could mean career growth, better culture, more money or better benefits to name a few motivators

An active candidate, a job seeker, is someone who is actively searching to make a move to a new position, this is someone who may have been recently laid off, or has reached the top of where they can go in their company and the only way to move up is to move on.

That being said, you could be the candidate I am looking for, even if you are not looking for a new position, but I can’t find you! It’s your job as a job seeker to make my job of finding you easier.

What I don’t do.

I don’t take job seekers and call around to companies to see if we could possibly, maybe get the job seeker into a position that may either exist or not exist (yes, some of the best positions are the ones that don’t exist and a company creates because they want YOU on their team).

The bottom line is, don’t rely on recruiters as your sole source to help you get hired.

But, what if you could learn to do this yourself?! What would that be worth to you?

You need to be proactive in your job search and there are many resources available to help you.

I am going to put together a series of articles that will give you the insider track on how to reverse engineer your job search and get you thinking more like a recruiter and less like a job seeker.

I will share valuable resources to help you get the job you’ve been searching for.

If you put in the work you will get results!

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