Building a Home Gym (On a Budget)

Two concerns many people have about exercising at home is the lack of space and  the expenses of gym equipment, however there is an easy way to get past these obstacles.

Let’s address the lack of space first.  

Working out at home doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of space.IMAG0721

I have an 8 ft by 6 ft space in my bedroom that I use for my home workouts.



In this tight little space I have done intense,  full body Aerobic workouts like 21 Day Fix, Hammer and Chisel, and lighter workouts like Pilates, Yoga, Barre and my favorite PiYo.  That’s a lot of working out for a little bitty space!  


The second concern I hear is, “I don’t have gym equipment and I can’t afford a whole gym on my budget.”


A home gym doesn’t mean you have to have all the latest and greatest equipment.  In fact, you don’t even need a weight bench for you weight workout!

You can get the same results you get at the gym with a set of dumbells and an aerobic step!


What if I can’t afford a whole set of dumbbells?

That’s okay!  Start by buying one set of dumbbells or for variety two because you may find that you have some muscle groups that are stronger than others.  But don’t worry if you can only afford one set.  It’s better to get started then not start at all!  .

I built my home gym just by going to WalMart and shopping on Amazon.  I found that they had the best prices versus shopping at the sporting goods store.  The great thing about Walmart is, if it is not on the shelves you can order your items online and have it shipped to you for a shipping fee or have it shipped to store for FREE.  Don’t we all just love that word FREE?  I think it is music to my ears!

I started out literally with 2lb and 3 lb weights.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but when you start doing reps your muscles fatigue quickly and gravity starts going to work.  The more reps you do the heavier those 2lb weights feel!  Then as you build strength go buy the 4 lbs, and then the 5 lbs.  This is how I built my set of dumbbells.  The heaviest ones I own are 8 lbs.  It doesn’t take a lot of weight to get great results!



2lb dumbbells can be as little as $3 each, that’s just $6 for a set of dumbbells!  8 lb dumbells are $9 each so $18 for a set of these babies!

If dumbbells don’t appeal to you then get a set of resistant bands.


IMAG0734By using the resistance in the bands you can obtain the results of dumbbells.  Although I have a set of resistance bands, I prefer the dumbbells because I find them easier to use and to switch out when the exercises change quickly on the DVD that I am following  along with.  It is just a case of preference.

A set of three resistance bands can cost as little as $22.  This is low,medium and heavy resistance.  

Another essential piece you can add to your home gym is a yoga mat.  If you have plush carpetiIMAG0733ng in your home you can use a large bath towel, but if you have hard floors you may want to invest in a mat.  As you do floor work your body presses into the floor and your hips and elbows may get sore from your body weight pressing down into the hard surface you’re laying on.  This discomfort can cause you to shift your body to release the pain and this throws off your form.


Yoga mats run for as little as $5 for a thin one to $20 for one that’s a bit more plush


Another thing that you will need to have on hand  is a hand towel to assist you with stretching, I know that I couldn’t reach my toes to do stretching when I first got back to working out, and my towel became my new best friend.  I’ll demonstrate this in a future post.

I mentioned earlier how you don’t need a weight bench.  I know, I know, weight benches are nice especially for all those chest presses and tricep work.  But why buy a bench when your step can double as one?  




No, not that step!  




This one!

This is an aerobic stepper.  I fell in love with step aerobics after the birth of my first child and I quickly realized it makes a great weight bench because the feet are adjustable.  I can put my step on its tallest height and I can then do all my weight exercises the same way I would if I had a bench.  And by doubling up, I saved money!


That being said, there are many styles of steps that you can purchase and you need to make sure you get one like mine in order for you to do this neat little trick.  I have the Reebok Adjustable Platform Step and I paid $100.  I have had it for years and years and I still love it.  You don’t have to pay that much to get one similar.  Amazon has several options,   Soozier 28″ Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform – Adjustable 5″ – 7″ – 9” for around $33 and FREE Shipping and Movement God Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform for about $70 and FREE Shipping.   (There’s that wonderful word again, say it with me… FREE!)


IMAG0866  IMAG0867

You can add additional items later on like weighted balls.  They range in weight and cost depending on brand and style.


Ankle and wrist weights is another item to add to your home gym arsenal.  Mine have small removable sand bags that range from 1 lb to 5 lbs.  IMAG0868

As you can see, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to build a home gym and you’re still spending less than you would if you were paying a gym membership and the bonus is once you have all the equipment you will have them forever!
If you have questions on the best workouts and nutrition for your new home gym workouts click here!  And ask me how you can join a FREE Clean Eating Group complete with FREE Mini workouts!

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