My Weight Loss Journey


I always cringe just a little bit when I see someone who has struggled with weight loss taking drastic measures to lose weight (ie: stomach stapling, liposuction) or even taking a pill or doing a fad cleanse as a quick fix to get the weight off.  I have been guilty of the quick fixes myself in the past.  And what happens is that as soon as you come off the “cleanse” or stop taking the “pill” all the weight comes back on and then some.


I love to eat as much as the next person.  And I wish I could eat more than I can because, let’s face it.  I LOVE Food.


But over time the inches started creeping on.  A pound here and there, then in short time, some of my pants were getting a wee bit tight.  The next thing I knew I was 25 pounds overweight and NONE of my clothes fit.


It didn’t happen overnight, in fact it took a few years.  This is how it happened:


I have always been a very active person and back in 2009 I was hit in an intersection by a drunk driver.  Everything in my life changed in that moment.  I could no longer be active and just going up and down the stairs in my home was a chore.  It took 6 months of going in and out of hospitals and doing physical therapy before I was healed enough to be active to the point that I could get around.  But the lasting damage had been done.  I had earned a bad back and bad knees due to the ordeal and getting back into some kind of workout routine seemed monotonous.  That’s when the first pounds started creeping on.


And to add insult to injury,(yes I really said that) I started dating a chef.  I was doomed.  He made me meals better than I could get in any restaurant (ones I could afford anyway).  And more pounds crept on.


That’s when the experimenting started.  I tried a Usana Reset and although my energy went through the roof for those 5 days, I crashed as soon as it was over, not only that but it was all soy based shakes and meal replacement bars and they lacked flavor and I was DYING for REAL food.  Then I tried the “lemonade cleanse”.  You know the one where you drink salt water in the morning to flush your system then drink like a gallon of fresh squeezed “lemonade” made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  Not only did I get the worst migraine headaches I had ever experienced in my life, but again I was STARVING.  And low and behold, once I started eating real food again the headaches immediately went away.  (Go figure).


The ultimate insult came when I took a desk job and I no longer could find the time to workout, (my commute was 2 hours round trip and 9 hour work days). I was just too tired even for just low intensity workouts like pilates and yoga.  The bike rides and walks that my kids and I use to enjoy going on cease to happen and I was exhausted every day.  When the fatigue set in after I got home, the motivation to cook meals went right out the window along with my energy.  Frozen pizza and macaroni and cheese became a staple in my house.  


A few more pound crept on and my health went down the hill FAST.  I was constantly sick, picking up every virus that went around and my chronic sinusitis was continually getting worse.  I had a friend of mine suggest to me that I should quit drinking milk.  She said she also had chronic sinus issues and her homeopathic doctor told her to get off the milk.  Once she did she got 100% better.  She said it would take some time for my body to adjust but I would see a huge improvement in my sinuses.  


Although it was difficult, I did give up milk, yogurt and ice cream ( I know!  The HORROR!)  After about a year, my sinuses improved dramatically!


Then another friend of mine, who is an avid juicer, had recommended that I watch the movies Forks over Knives the Gerson Miracle and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  I’m not going to lie to you, these movies scared the “sh*t” out of me, and I HIGHLY SUGGEST, if you are serious about your health, you go out there and find these movies and watch them.  (I have seen them on Netflix from time to time.)


As a result of these movies I ran out and bought a juicer.  I am not proposing in any way, shape or form that you run out and buy a juicer because BOY was juicing EVER a lot of WORK,, (the last thing I needed was more work!).  But I was bound and determined to not only get the weight off but to start putting healthier foods into my body.  This lasted about a year.  I was drinking juice for 2 out of 3 meals a day.  But the one meal I was eating was still high in fats and carbs, and I still wasn’t working out, not only that I was still hungry all the time.   I dropped a bit of water weight doing this but then once I stopped (due to the time consuming nature of juicing, and having to acquire a taste for it, I got to the point I couldn’t stand the smell of it) I gained back all the water, including a few additional pounds.


Over time I noticed that I quit gaining weight but  my body had really started to change and although I didn’t gain any more weight, I did start to “spread” a bit.  You know what I mean?  And my face looked very round in pictures, I had a really nice “muffin top” going on, I went up two bra sizes and eventually NOTHING in my closet fit me anymore.  My shirts were too tight around my my arms and chest and I couldn’t get any of my pants up over my thighs.  This made me severely depressed.


And being a single mom on an extremely modest income I couldn’t afford to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.  So I did what any good single mom would do, I shut myself off from the world, started doing Netflix marathons while eating junk food and drinking beer or wine in front of the TV.  Great idea!  Right??




My health started to suffer more.  


It was 3.5 years after I started that job that I gained over 25 pounds.  I was tired, cranky and I hated everyone and everything. In the midst of it all I moved.  The added stress of moving and the kids being unhappy and fighting depression only increased my stress and my depression.   I knew I had to do SOMETHING.  


I saw a friend of mine losing weight and she was looking good!  I wanted to know what she was doing and I reached out to her.  She had started using a product that was based in whey protein and suppressed appetite but when she told me the price I said, NO WAY.  I hit the internet to research all the different “meal replacement” shakes on the market.  I settled on IdealShake because of price.  It’s loaded with whey protein, like my friends,  a bunch of stuff I can’t pronounce and an appetite suppressant.  I liked it for awhile. But the full feeling that it gave me was overwhelming.  Every time I drank a shake I would feel so full I would want to sleep.  You know “Thanksgiving full”.  And every shake would put me in a food coma.  I was falling asleep at my desk at work and was unable to function.  


I was at my wits end.  I didn’t know what else to do.


In February of 2015,I went to a Women in Networking event with my “juicing” friend.  There I met a woman, she was so nice and bubbly!  I immediately liked her!  What I didn’t know was that she was one of the speakers that night.  I listened to her story about how she was depressed, overweight, hating her job and on the brink of divorce and I instantly connected with her.  I wanted to know how she had not only lost all her weight, but was able to quit her job and save her marriage!  I was hooked.  


Over the course of the next few months she and I stayed in contact.  Finally, one day in April of that year, I made the decision to join her in her  program and accountability group, 21 Day Fix.  And I never looked back.  The best thing yet is I get to EAT!  And I didn’t have to give up the things that I LOVE.  And I started losing weight immediately!


Now I am getting to live my dream by paying it forward, I get to do coaching and help others overcome their obstacles while staying fit and eating healthy.  (I will be writing a blog on this very soon!)

If you too are a struggling, single mom or you just want to learn how to take back control of your life, lose weight and eat healthy, all while NOT starving yourself, reach out to me by filling out the form below and we can set up a 20 minute FREE consultation to determine the best course of action for you!

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